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Bedside Beauty: 15 Modern Bedside Tables That Will Transform Your Bedroom

30 September 2023
8 minutes read

Your bedroom is a sanctuary, a place where you unwind and rejuvenate after a long day. It's important to create a space that is not only comfortable but also reflects your personal style. One way to do this is by choosing the right bedside table.

A bedside table should be the perfect balance between style and function. So if you are looking  for a modern bedside table that will transform your bedroom into a your sleep sanctuary, keep reading!

Our Top 3 Picks

#1. Best for Versitality: Ozzy Two Drawer Bedside Table

Ozzy Bedside Table In Smoked Oak VIEW NOW

#2. Best for Neutral Colour Schemes: La Terra Ivory Travertine Side Table

La Terra Side Table in Traventine VIEW NOW

#3. Best for Unique Style: Eclipse Laqcured Bedside Table with Marble Top

Bedside Tables - Eclipse VIEW NOW

How to Choose the Best Bedside Table for You

Finding the right modern bedside table in the UK goes beyond just picking a pretty piece. It's a blend of functionality, aesthetics, and space considerations. Here’s some tips on how to choose the right table for you and your space:

Assess Your Bedroom's Size

Before committing to a purchase, evaluate the dimensions of your bedroom. You don't want a table that's too bulky in a smaller room or one that gets lost in a spacious suite so keep it all in proportion.

Match the Height of Your Bed

The table's height plays a pivotal role in its functionality. Ideally, your modern design bedside table should be approximately the same height as the top of your mattress. This ensures that items like lamps, books, or alarm clocks are easily accessible and visually aligned with your bed.

Determine Your Storage Needs

Bedside tables come in a range of designs from minimalist to those packed with drawers and shelves. Think about the items you want to store within arm's reach and choose a design that caters to these storage needs without causing clutter.

Define Your Preferred Style

Your bedroom is a reflection of your personality, and the bedside table should seamlessly blend with its ambiance, complementing the surroundings.

Consider Materials and Durability

The construction material of the table influences its durability, maintenance, and aesthetic appeal. Options like solid wood promise longevity but might be on the pricier side, while metal or glass tables offer a contemporary and modern bedside table vibe. Choose a material that aligns with your style preference and is durable enough for long-term use.

Time for a new bedside table?

15 Best Bedside Tables

15.Osana Ribbed Oak Bedside Table

Mid-Century Modern: The Osana Ribbed Oak Bedside Table, offers the perfect blend of retro and modern elegance. This handcrafted beauty adds a versatile touch to any bedroom setup. With variable sizes, you have the flexibility needed to create the perfect room design.  

Featured in different lengths and widths, this marvellous bedside table gives you a flexible addition to your bedroom, permitting you to move it around and redecorate due to its versatile design.

Pro Styling Tip: Pair it with simple sculpted decor, and metallic touches to take this piece to modern style heights.

Osana Ribbed Oak Bedside Table with Metal Legs

Bedside Table: Osana VIEW NOW

14. Hana Cement Effect Bedside Tables

Industrial Charm: Simplicity meets elegance with the Hana Lacquered Bedside Table. If you love the rugged, industrial look, this bedside table made from textured lacquered wood and metal will add a touch of charm to your bedroom. Its sturdy construction ensures it will stand the test of time. The spacious drawer ensures functionality doesn't take a backseat.

Pro Styling Tip: To accentuate its geometric design, add accessories with sharp, clean lines.

Hana One Drawer Bedside Table 60 cm

Hana One Drawer Bedside table VIEW NOW

13. La Terra Ivory Travertine Side Table

Nature-Inspired Marvel: The La Terra Side Table, encapsulates nature's beauty. La Terra's natural travertine makeup instantly adds a touch of glamour to any space, making it a conversation starter. It's versatile, adapting to varied home decor themes.

This natural stone bedside table reflects light and creates the illusion of a bigger room, making it a stylish choice for bedrooms of all sizes.

Pro Styling Tip: Use this table as a bedroom focus piece and surround it with neutral hues to let its natural beauty shine.

La Terra Ivory Travertine Side Table

Side Table La Terra in Traventine VIEW NOW

Made from natural travertine
Unique design and texture
Highly versatile

Requires careful maintenance due to its natural stone composition

12. Miro Bedside Tables

A true treat for the eyes, the Miro Bedside Table, perfectly celebrates the modern furniture with its clean lines and simplistic shape. This minimal design is constructed from lacquered oak sat upon a matching lacquered pedestal that maintains its simple feel. Complete with two soft close drawers, clutter can easily be shut away for the perfect blend of style and functionality.

Pro Styling Tip: Add a simple bedside lamp with gold accents to add warmth and depth in a contemporary way.

Miro Bedside Table, available in two sizes and for colours

Miro Bedside Table VIEW NOW

11. Clarion Bedside Table

Made with contemporary spaces in mind, the Clarion Low Bedside Table, is an affordable modern design that offers plenty of space with two, soft close, drawers. The combination of delicate graining paired with an on-trend “greige” lacquer provides balance as well as visual interest.

Pro Styling Tip: Position it besides super  soft furnishings to create a balanced aesthetic.

Clarion Natural Wood Bedside Table VIEW NOW

10. Sentrum Side Table

Colour Pop: The Sentrum Side Table in Burnt Orange,  is more than just a bedside companion. Its velvety, curved finish and distinctive design set it apart. This multi-functional table combines a sturdy circular surface and efficient storage space which is perfect to store all your bedside essentials!

Pro Styling Tip: Pair this table with neutral or earthy tones to complement its burnt orange shade and highlight its unique structure.

Sentrum Side Table with Storage in Burnt Orange
Side Table with Storage Sentrum VIEW NOW

9. Carlisle Bedside Table

Functional and Fashionable, drawing inspiration from White City House, this oak design from Soho Home,  is a marvel. Its ridged style, black marquina marble top, and signature white veining are great for a modern bedside table that will stand out from the crowd. With the addition of double drawers, you won’t be lacking in storage either!

Pro Styling Tip: Complement this table with monochromatic accessories to create a harmonious look.

Carlise Bedside Table, Soho Home

Stunning ridged design
Unique marble top finish
Two spacious drawers

Some might find the colour too dominating

9. Tosca Marble-effect Top Bedside Table

Geometric Delight, the Tosca Marble-Effect Bedside Table is perfect for lovers of symmetry and balance. It offers a marble-effect top, paired with smoked oak; the dual drawer design ensures ample storage.

Pro Styling Tip: To enhance its modern appeal, accessorise with metallic or abstract decor pieces.

Tosca Bedside Table with Mabrle Top 
Bedside Table with Marble Top Tosca VIEW NOW

Modern marble-effect ceramic top
Dual drawer for ample storage
Highly durable, easy to maintain

Some might find the marble-effect less authentic than genuine marble

8. Filip Bedside Table

Artistic Allure, the Dark Emperador marble sits atop this round bedside table from Soho Home, making it a chic addition to any room. Its horizontal fluted detail adds a touch of texture.

Pro Styling Tip: Position it beside soft furnishings to create a balanced aesthetic.

Filip Bedside Table, Soho Home

7. Arc Side Table With Storage

Scandinavian: Minimalism meets functionality in the Arc Side Table. It boasts a unique design, with a rotating open storage space, and is available in three sizes and colours. This modern bedside table has a simple design and offers a contemporary touch without dominating a space.

Pro Styling Tip: Place it against a vibrant wall backdrop to make its design pop.

Arc Side Table with Storage 

Shop simple storage and style with the Arc Side Table

Arc Side Table with Storage VIEW NOW

6.Eclipse Marble Top Bedside Table

Mixed Material Magic: The Eclipse Lacquered Bedside Table,  boasts a distinct  design separated by lacquer oak to offer definition.  This bedside table showcases the beauty of mixing different materials. With a combination of wood, marble, and modern lacquered finish, it creates a visually appealing look that is both modern and timeless. The neutral light colours give it a modern touch, and its push-open mechanism offers functionality making it stand out from the other luxurious tables on this list.

Pro Styling Tip: Highlight the table's lustrous and curvaceous nature with minimalist decor and soft lighting. This will accentuate its sleek finish and create a focal point in the bedroom.

Climb to new bedroom style heights with the Eclipse Bedside Table

Eclipse Marble Top Bedside Table
Eclipse Bedside Table with Marble Top VIEW NOW

5. Luxe Bedside Drawer Table

Organic and Natural: the Luxe series, from Bolia,  showcases meticulous Danish craftsmanship, epitomising elegance. A sophisticated herringbone pattern in a pale wood is perfect for modern spaces, coupled with the spacious drawers; it’s a bedroom essential.

Pro Styling Tip: Accentuate its design with monochromatic or minimalistic accessories.

Luxe Wide Bedside Table with One Drawer and Shelf, Bolia

Spacious drawer and useful  book shelf
Soft-close feature
Elegant herringbone pattern

Delicate finish requires specific care

3. TG Square Side Table

Purse Friendly: The TG Square Side Table, £279, is the budget-friendly choice that doesn't skimp on style. Easy to assemble, its simple design brings a calming presence to any room.

Pro Styling Tip: Use soft pastel accessories or a table lamp with a subtle hue to enhance its calming aesthetic.

TG Square Side Table, Natural Oak 
TG Square Side Table VIEW NOW

Easy assembly
Versatile design

Basic design might lack the luxurious feel
Limited storage space

2. Moli Marble Top Bedside Table

Floating Elegance:  Belonging to the Moli bedroom furniture collection, screams opulence with its marble glaze and walnut finish. Beyond its beautiful exterior, it offers two drawers for practical storage.

Moli Two Drawer Bedside Table with Marble Top

Pro Styling Tip: Place a sleek metallic lamp or vase to contrast with its marble surface, making it pop even more.

Elegant Moli Bedroom Storage Collection
Moli Bedroom Storage Furniture Collection VIEW NOW

1. Ozzy Oak Bedside Table

Scandi Delight: This modern, black bedside table is the bestselling Ozzy from Pepper Sq. Offering the perfect blend of vintage charm and modern functionality, it is a mesmerising design that features two drawers, soft-close functionality, and comfortable wooden handles. And the cherry on top? The Ozzy table is part of a larger collection, enabling you to weave a cohesive decor narrative throughout your bedroom.

Pro Styling Tip: Drape a soft-coloured runner on its surface or add a vintage clock to enhance its nostalgic charm in a contemporary style.

Ozzy Two Drawer Bedside Table in Smoked Oak 

Ozzy Bedside Table in Smoked Oak VIEW NOW


With these 15 contemporary bedside tables, you can transform your bedroom into a stylish and inviting retreat. Whether you prefer a minimalist look or a vibrant aesthetic, there is a bedside table here to suit your taste. Choose the one that speaks to you and let it become the centerpiece of your bedroom.

Bring modern style to your bedroom with our wide range of furniture that is perfect for hiding clutter and elevating your space. Sweet dreams await you in your newly transformed space!

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