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21 Of The Best: Extendable Dining Tables 2024

15 January 2024
12 minutes read

Ready to elevate your dining experience? Dive into a world where furniture meets flexibility. Extendable dining tables are not just tables; they're an invitation to memorable dinners, a fusion of adaptability and style.

From intimate family moments to grand festive celebrations, our round up  of the best 21 extendable dining tables for 2023. Find the perfect centerpiece for your dining room.

Let's help you make every meal an occasion. Dive in!

Our Top 3 Picks

#1.Best for Small Spaces | Ribot Extendable Kitchen Island Table

Ribot Extendable Kitchen Island Table
Ribot Extendable Kitchen Island Table VIEW NOW

#2.Best for Multi-Purpose Use | Assist Transforming Dining Table

Assist Transforming Table - Coffee to Dining Table 
Assist Transforming Table - Coffee to Dining Table 320 cm VIEW NOW

#3.Best for Plenty of Guests | Arco Extendable Ceramic Dining Table

Arco Extendable Ceramic Dining Table
Arco Extendable Ceramic Dining Table VIEW NOW

Best Extendable Dining Room Tables

1. Square Extending Dining Table for 8-10 People - Dakota

Exclusively available at Pepper Sq. ,  the Dakota is an Italian-crafted square dining table with the capacity to extend and accommodate 8-12 persons. This is an investment piece of furniture, but it offers the best combination of luxury and functionality.

The contrast in materials between the natural walnut wood and the modern metal base perfectly highlights its natural beauty. Encapsulating geometrical elegance, the table is easy to extend and offers great versatility.

Pro Styling Tip: Utilise a sleek centrepiece, such as a metallic or glass vase filled with monochromatic flowers, to complement the table's contemporary design.

Versatile seating capacity
High-quality durable top
Modern metal base.

Square design may not be suitable for all room shapes

Featured: Dakota extendable square dining table
Dakota 8-12 Seater Extendable Square Dining Table VIEW NOW

2.Aksel Extending Oak Dining Table

The Aksel Extending Dining Table is the perfect balance between traditional and modern, with its oak veneer finish and contemporary shape. Comfortably sitting 6-8 people at its standard size, the extension sheet is hidden under the tabletop for those moments when you have a few more guests. Once extended, you’ll have enough space for up to 10 guests to enjoy the relaxed and sociable design.

Pro Styling Tip: Pair with cane chairs for added texture and visual interest.

Shop the extendable Dining Table Aksel

Relaxed, rectangular shape
Solid oak construction.
Matching items available

May require two people for assembly
Weight might make it challenging to move

Aksel Extending Oak Dining Table 

Aksel Extending Oak Dining Table 160/240cm VIEW NOW

3. Ribot Extendable Kitchen Island Table

The Ribot is a versatile oval kitchen island designed for smaller spaces yet offers the grandeur of a large table. This transforming table is the best small extendable dining table option.  Being an Italian-crafted piece, demonstrating quality construction. It starts as a compact island and extends to seat between 5-8 people, boasting a metal frame and smoked oak wooden top.

Gain flexibility in your kitchen with the Ribot Extendable Kitchen Island Table

Pro Styling Tip: Place this table near natural light to highlight the smoked oak finish and pair with industrial pendant lighting for an urban chic feel.

Suitable for small spaces
Sits up to 8 people
Versatile use as both an island and a dining table

The metal frame might feel cold to touch.

Ribot Extendable Kitchen Island Table
Ribot Extendable Kitchen Island Table VIEW NOW

4. Lotus Converting Coffee to Dining Table

The Lotus Converting Coffee to Dining Table offers a visual union of an industrial aesthetic blended with a touch of Scandi simplicity thanks to its black and rustic wood finish, but it’s not just the looks that make this table a fantastic choice; it's the functionality too.

This transformational piece changes into a coffee table thanks to the adjustable height and can even double its width, making it the ultimate magic act for your living space.

Add to cart:  the Lotus Converting Coffee to Dining Table

Pro Styling Tip: Pair with a simple black dining chair to give it an urban edge.

Rustic yet modern design
Gas lifting mechanism with 2 year guarantee
Under base wheels make it easy to move
Heat resistant top

Black and wood combo might be too dark for some spaces

Lotus Converting Coffee to Dining Table
Lotus Converting Coffee to Dining Table 110x136 cm VIEW NOW

5. Pisa Extra Large Extendable Dining Table

The Pisa table is an Italian marvel, extending up to an impressive 5 metres. It showcases a rustic wooden top with a contemporary stainless steel base. Offering varying extension lengths, this table truly is a massive solution for hosting and is definitely the best extendable dining room tables for large families.

Pro Styling Tip: Keep the surrounding decor minimalistic, allowing the table to be the centrepiece, and consider adding metallic accents to mirror the stainless steel base.

Multiple length options
Storage for extension pieces
2-year guarantee on extending mechanism

Might be too large for some spaces
Price might be on the higher end

Pisa Extra Large Extendable Dining Table 
Pisa Extra Large Extendable Dining Table 180/480cm VIEW NOW

6.Big Tody Round Extendable Table

The Big Tody is an expansive round table with a modern metal base resembling a star. With its ceramic top and telescopic mechanism, it can accommodate up to 12 diners comfortably. The round shape is ideal for breaking up harsh, straight lines in a room.

Pro Styling Tip: Due to its round shape, opt for a spherical chandelier or pendant light above the table to complement its geometry.

Shop for the modern, ceramic-topped Big Tody Extendable Table

Modern and distinctive design
Quality ceramic top
Multiple extensions

Higher price point
Requires space to accommodate its maximum size

Big Tody Round Extendable Table 

Big Tody Round Extendable Table 120/270 cm, Ceramic Top VIEW NOW

7.Arco Extendable Ceramic Dining Table

The Arco, made in Italy, is a blend of design and functionality. With a ceramic top and extendable metal structure, it can seat up to 12 guests. Its ceramic surface ensures durability and easy maintenance.

Pro Styling Tip: Add upholstered chairs to contrast the hard ceramic surface, making the dining experience more comfortable.

Crafted in Italy, the elegant Arco table is available here

Extendable to fit up to 12 people
Durable ceramic top
2-year guarantee on extending mechanism

High price point
May require a larger space

Arco Extendable Ceramic Dining Table

Arco Extendable Ceramic Dining Table VIEW NOW

8. Pick Up Counter Table

The Pick Up Counter Table does what it says on the tin! With an internal mechanism that allows for easy extension, you can adjust the size and position of this table in an instant.

Visually, it has a beautifully textured top paired with black metal legs for a defined but elegant finish. Seating up to 8 people when extended, this table is the perfect balance of style and practicality.

Pro Styling Tip: Pair with monochromatic chairs to complement the textured melamine finish and black legs.

Easy to extend and move
Modern style
Durable finish

Melamine is not as premium as solid wood but is harder wearing.

Pick Up Counter Table

Pick Up Counter Kitchen Table, 180/280 cm VIEW NOW

9.Gunnar Extendable Oak Table

The Gunnar showcases a blend of tradition and contemporary design. Made of oak and available in three finishes, it easily extends to cater to varying dining needs.

Pro Styling Tip: Emphasise the oak's natural beauty with neutral tones in chairs and dinnerware.

Sturdy oak design
Available in multiple finishes
European craftsmanship

Limited extension capacity

Gunnar Extendable Oak Table 

Gunnar Extendable Oak Table 130/210cm, Milky Oak VIEW NOW

10.Rotoli Transforming Coffee to Dining Table

The Rotoli Transforming Coffee to Dining Table merges modernity with functionality with its 2-in1 table feature. Switch from coffee to dining table in an instant with the gas lift mechanism, and, for those times when you have a few extra guests, make use of its extendable table top that matches the aged wood effect of the main tabletop.

The rectangular top is made from melamine which helps maintain its finish, adding a durable layer to protect it when being transformed.

Pro Styling Tip: Enhance its modern feel with acrylic or chrome-finished chairs and geometric decor items.

Hidden under-plate castors for easy manoeuvring
Italian craftsmanship
Sturdy and durable

Lacks delicate features which won’t work in all spaces.

Rotoli Transforming Coffee to Dining Table

Rotoli Transforming Coffee to Dining Table 120/200cm, Aged Wood VIEW NOW

11.Roma Slate-Effect Extending Dining Table

The Roma boasts a stunning metal base and minimal slate grey top. Constructed with slate-effect high temperature resistant melamine, this table is both functional and stylish. Made in Italy, it seamlessly seats 8, but can accommodate up to 16. Ideal for large gatherings and dinner parties.

Pro Styling Tip: Place this table under a bold, oversized pendant light to emphasise its unique base design.

Sleek design
High temperature resistant
Seats up to 16

High-end price range
Limited colour options

Roma Slate-Effect Extending Dining Table

Shop the Roma table for a modern dining experience

Roma Extending Slate-effect Dining Table 160/260cm VIEW NOW

12. Genesi Extendable Console Table

Bringing a contemporary edge to dining spaces with its modern aesthetic, the Genesi Console Table is perfect for those who love to host as it extends to seat 12 people. Heat resistant thanks to the ultra-durable melamine top, the contrasting metal base gives it a premium finish that you would expect from a product crafted in Italy.

Pro Styling Tip: Pair with silver accents to complement its textured wood  finish.

Sleek, contemporary design
2-year guarantee on the extending mechanism
Durable, heat resistant top

Assembly required but can be done as part of the delivery service.

Genesi Extendable Console Table
Genesi Extendable Console 12 Seater Dining Table, Varnished Oak Finish VIEW NOW

13. Sun Extending Round Dining Table

The Sun Extending Round Dining Table is a real statement piece that can be the perfect focal point of a dining space. Evoking the elegance of a champagne cup, it comfortably seats up to 14. Its unique design combines the sophistication of the Pietra grey, Opaco ceramic with a modern silhouette.

Pro Styling Tip: Surround with plush velvet chairs to enhance its opulence.

Unique design
Seats up to 14
Quality material

High-end price range
May require larger space

Sun Extending Round Dining Table

Brighten up your dining space with the Sun Dining Table

Sun Extending Round Dining Table, 120/180 cm VIEW NOW

14. Giada Extending Dining Table

Make a statement with the bold Giada Extending Dining Table that will be the focal point of any dining room thanks to its symmetrical angular leg design. Paired with an elegant ceramic top that is heat and acid-resistant for an ultra-durable finish offers a sophisticated statement piece with the added benefit of its functional extendability.

Pro Styling Tip: Add a mirrored centrepiece for added glamour.

Elegant, statement design
Ceramic top is stain and heat-resistant
Seats up to 12 people

Requires a large space

Giada Extending Dining Table

Shop the impactful Giada dining table here

Giada Extending Dining Table 180/280 cm , Ceramic Top VIEW NOW

15. Assist Transforming Table

A marvel of design, the Assist Dining Table transforms from a coffee table to a dining table. With a unique gas lifting device, its height can be adjusted. Its top is crafted from durable melamine, ensuring longevity.

Pro Styling Tip: Place in a multi-functional living space to optimise its transforming features.

Innovative design
Adjustable height
Durable material

High-end price range
Requires space for full extension

Gain full flexibility in your living space with the Assist Dining Table

Assist Transforming Table
Assist Transforming Table - Coffee to Dining Table 320 cm VIEW NOW

16. Flap Transforming Console Dining Table

If you are short on space then the Flap Transforming Console Table is the one for you as it extends from a side table to a dining space that seats up to 4. The modern soft grey-white top is subtle but elegant, leaving it easy to accessorise when functioning as a console table. The charcoal legs add depth that will make it more statement when extended as a dining table.

Pro Styling Tip: Add a statement floral centrepiece to soften any harsh lines.

Small and stylish, shop the Flap Console Table now. Available for express delivery.

Multiple base finishes to choose from
Durable, easy to clean top
Modern and simple yet stylish

Limited to 4 seating capacity

Flap Transforming Console Table
Flap Transforming Console - Dining Table 130 cm, Grey VIEW NOW

17.Pure Extending Dining Table

A wooden extendable dining table in oak veneer - our Pure Scandi style table has distinctive lines and an original design, that is both contemporary and classic and easily sits in any interior space. The table is versatile and has a user-friendly, design that is ideal for small areas to be used on an everyday basis, and when needed, extends to seat 10 -12 people.

Pure Extending Dining Table VIEW NOW

Pro Styling Tip: Enhance with minimalist, Scandinavian-style seating to allow the table to shine.

18.Levante Transforming Coffee to Dining Table

Practical and timeless, the innovative Levante Transforming Coffee to Dining Table offers multiple uses that is a testament to its functionality. With a solid oak top made from reclaimed wood, it combines the very best of rustic with a contemporary metal base making it suitable for a wide range of interior aesthetics.

Perfect for small households that are short on space thanks to its dual coffee and dining table function, it also works well for those who occasionally host a dinner party as it extends to seat up to 8 people.

Pro Styling Tip: Surround with traditional, tufted chairs to elevate its rustic appeal.

Modern and rustic: shop the Levante Coffee to Dining Table

Hardwearing materials
Reclaimed oak table top for a rustic touch
Multi-purpose table

Design might not work well for ultra-minimal homes

Levante Transforming Coffee to Dining Table

Levante Transforming Coffee to Dining Table, 95/195 cm, Reclaimed Oak VIEW NOW

19.Teorema Super Extendable Table

A blend of beauty and functionality, the Teorema showcases triangular-shaped legs and a ceramic top. With the ability to extend from 160 cm to 310 cm, it's perfect for large gatherings. Crafted with precision in Italy.

Pro Styling Tip: Use metallic centrepieces to accentuate its geometric legs.

Blend beauty and function seamlessly with the Teorema Dining Table

Unique design
Seats up to 14
High quality

Limited colour options

Teorema Super Extendable Table

Teorema 140/200cm Extending Table, Ceramic Top VIEW NOW

20. Tarsele Extendable Table

This IKEA table, drawing inspiration from 1950s industrial design, features warm oak veneer complemented by sturdy metal. It seamlessly extends to accommodate up to 8 guests.

Pro Styling Tip: Introduce mid-century modern chairs to echo the 1950s inspiration and elevate the table’s aesthetic.

Easy extension mechanism

Veneer top, not solid oak

21. Lenook Solid Oak Extending Dining Table

The Lenook offers a light  oak  design with the ability to seat 6 to 10 guests, perfect for larger events. Clean lines give the table a scandinavian aesthetic which easily sits in both traditional or modern interiors. The lower price point compared to other tables makes this one of the best lowest price point extendable dining tables available right now.

Pro Styling Tip: Enhance the natural feel with leather or earth-toned fabric chairs and a centrepiece of dried foliage or pampas grass.

Lenook natural oak exteanding table
Lenook Natural Oak 160/240cm Extending Table VIEW NOW

Affordable price point
Provides natural texture
Durable and sturdy


Minimal design, might not suitable for  classic look

Discover the perfect extendable dining table to elevate your dining space

What to Avoid with Extendable Dining Tables?

While we've highlighted some of the best options out there, it's equally important to know what to avoid when shopping for extendable dining tables. Here are some tips on what not to pick and common pitfalls to steer clear of:

Flimsy Construction

Avoid tables with flimsy construction, as they may not withstand regular use. Look for sturdy materials and well-crafted joints to ensure longevity.

Poor Extension Mechanism

Tables with a cumbersome or unreliable extension mechanism can be frustrating to use. Prioritise tables with smooth and easy-to-operate extension systems.

Lack of Storage for Leaves

If you opt for a table with separate leaves, ensure you have a plan for storing them when not in use. Losing or damaging leaves can render your table less functional.

Neglecting Aesthetics

While functionality is essential, don't neglect the aesthetics. Your dining table should complement your interior design and enhance the overall look of your dining area.

Ignoring Maintenance

Consider the maintenance requirements of your chosen table. Tables with delicate surfaces or complex designs may require more effort to keep clean and in good condition.


Find the ideal extendable dining table of your dreams from our pick of the best 21 extending dining tables Whether you are looking to enhance your dining experience, you are limited on space, or have a growing family, you can elevate your dining experience with this table style.

Don’t forget to look for a table that has a high-quality mechanism and design to ensure it stands the test of time, offering flexibility and reliability for many meals to come!

If you require the perfect mix of beauty and functionality, shop our range of extending and transforming tables here.

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