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How to Design a Cosy Bedroom?

01 June 2023
6 minutes read

Your bedroom is a uniquely personal space. The use of the bedroom has completely transformed over the past few years, thereby making the bedroom an extremely important and multifunctional space in most homes.

Pepper Sq teamed up with the talented designers at Topology Interiors to find out their thought on how to design a perfectly cosy bedroom, without compromising the bedroom’s initial function as a sleep sanctuary.

Key Elements of a Bedroom

The centrepiece of the room, the one that gave it its name, the bed is a very important item. Choosing one may be tricky as it all depends on the many factors like the space limitations and personal preferences. Most people usually go for a double bed or a king size, but if you have more room, an emperor bed or a super king size option would be perfect for those cosy family movie nights.

The bed frame is the key design element that not only provides comfort, but also expresses personality. For instance, the same soft upholstered material can convey absolutely different messages depending on the colour: dark navy will take you into a starry night painting, whereas a retro pink shade will add a positive touch of colour.

Designed by @Pepper Sq. Team.  Bedroom room interior "Enduring Happiness"

To top it up, choose the best quality bedding that is within your budget, and pile on the throws and cushions to make an eye-catching focal point.

Since the trend of the bedroom doubling as a home office or even a living room, consider adding a seating area to your bedroom with a comfortable armchair or a compact sofa. Add an elegant desk for those working from home days, and a side table to place your current book or a glass of wine in the evening. Add warm lighting with an ambient table lamp, and consider a gorgeous pendant ceiling light to perfectly complete the space by creating a calming and relaxing atmosphere. Keep the room cosy with a natural woolen rug and add a focal point with a stylish bedroom mirror.

Show your true colours

Your sleeping space should reflect your style and personality, so choose a colour scheme that you love. Unlike a spare room or children’s room, guests are unlikely to see your inner sanctum, so you can be as playful or as bold as you want.

You might want to go for drama with dark tones of burgundy and purple, or create a serene sanctuary with pale pastels and cream. Be creative with this, it is a space for you

Clear the clutter

Bedrooms can become a dumping ground for to-do piles: washing, ironing, cloths to get rid of, or paperwork that needs tackling. Because the bedroom is a room that no one else will see, unfinished tasks often stay just that – unfinished! Who wants the constant reminder in the sanctuary when you’re trying to sleep?

An easy solution to clear away clutter in the bedroom is to invest in storage the for bedroom that can help you keep the room streamlined and calm. A blanket box can hide a multitude of sins, as can a sideboard or a roomy wardrobe. Maybe even consider a ottoman storage bed which can help store fresh bedlinen and your seasonal wardrobe.

Storage furniture can help to find a place in your room for your possessions. A smart and elegant chest of drawers or tallboy may be exactly what you need to keep your bedroom in order.

Whether you are craving modern bedroom chic or a more traditional bedroom room look, we have got you covered. Choose dining room interiors from our exclusive bedroom interior design furniture packages available in stock or on demand.

A French chic style bedroom with Topology Interiors Studio

We have teamed up with Topology Interiors to find out how to design a perfectly romantic bedroom .  

The designers were inspired by their favourite European city that is paved with cobblestones and filled with the aromas of baked goods. It's the one and only - Paris!

The cosy french chic bedroom  is the second design in a three-part collaboration with Topology Interiors. If you missed the first project -  the living room interior -  Tranquil Moment ,  you can find about the project here.


The designers Charlie and Amelie wanted to convey a sense of tranquility and freshness with a chic French touch, opting for cleaner, simpler silhouettes and a calming colour scheme based on warm greys and neutrals, balanced out by some accent darker tones, like deep grey or green moss.

"Let’s imagine taking a walk down the cobbled streets of Paris and into one of the many enchanting quintessential 19th-century Haussmannian apartments (built between 1853 and 1870) to take a closer look at our blissful bedroom. A room that boasts high ceilings and a stunning view of the city." - Topology Interiors.

To add a three dimensional touch, the designers went for layered textures, such as linen boucle, velvet, marble and accent lighting to create a romantic ambiance in the evenings.

The curved shape furniture e.g the headboard, floor lamp, plant pot and end of bed bench helps to create the calming feel.  The furniture look comfortable and inviting.

Designed by @Topology Interiors.  Moodboard of room interior "Easeful Bliss"

The Easeful Bliss interior is about embracing the classics, enriching the traditional bedroom layout with thoughtful touches, like the vintage inspired Ozzy bedside tables, soft cushions and thought-provoking artwork

"This helps give a sense of there being a mixture of old and new which lends itself well to the space. Moreover, It makes us feel right at home!" - says the designer Charlie Morrison.

Designed by @Topology Interiors.  Bedroom room interior "Easeful Bliss"

The soft curved lines - latest interior trend -  in the form of a king size bed headboard  and the pendant lamp,  gave the room a sense of flow and continuity that guide you through the space.

The designers suggested a combination of neutral hues for the walls, bedding, and rug. "Paired with rich bold tones of moss green, charcoal grey, and mustard, plus a pop of deep petrol blue velvet curtains. "

Designed by @Topology Interiors.  Bedroom room interior "Easeful Bliss"

The bedroom design looks clean and minimal, it also has everything you may ever need, starting from the space to store jewelry and other small items in the bedside tables and the chest of drawers, as well as by adding an elegantly stylish cane bench, where you can effortlessly place the bed throw when nesting on the comfy bed,

The whole space is thought-through to the last detail, just look at this cosy space in front of the centrepiece, the bed.

Designed by  @Topology Interiors.  Bedroom room interior "Easeful Bliss"

A perfect reading nook with a soft tactile armchair and the floor lamp for additional lighting. A practical chest of drawers with plenty of storage and an elegant round mirror that reflects the light coming from the windows, brightening and enlarging the existing space.

Featured products from PEPPERSQ.COM:

  1. The unique art deco-inspired king size bed Vivien in grey velvet meets expectations to perfectly fulfil your dreams. Vertical 'fluted' columns of soft-cushion make a statement headboard.
  2. The Hako bench with the wooden surfaces smoothly transition into metal frames and fittings, creating a refined modern expression.
  3. Clean and classic lines are characteristic of the Ozzy bedside table and makes the piece versatile for use in the bedroom, living room, or home study.
  4. Vintage-retro style table lamp - Lola reminding you of the classic banker's desk lamp has a metal round base in shiny gold and lampshade in green with a opal diffuser.
  5. The Moli chest of drawers features soft close drawers with matching metal handles and marble-effect ceramic top
  6. Ambient light creates an atmospheric interior mood. Globe glass shade set upon a linear gold frame; the Atom floor lamp is a modern take on mid-century classic lighting.
  7. Ginny is a vibrantly stylish armchair that provides extra seating along with a mid-century twist. A very comfortable chair that is not just about design
  8. This elegant round mirror Flare with a contemporary design will be a light-reflecting focal point in the space.

We are in love with the final result, it is so romantic and marvelous, it makes us crave some celebratory Champagne and an assortment of macaroons!

If you are as charmed by this great design as we are, you are in luck, you can shop the entire room design with all the furniture items already compiled together  here.

About Topology Interiors

Topology Interior is an award winning interior design studio based in London centred around affordability.  A small team of professional interior designers is on a mission to offer an impeccable service whilst showing that great style doesn’t have to come at a huge cost.

As the team offers as well as a full project management service online, that makes the entire project affordable to the wide customer circle.

To get in touch with Topology Interiors, choose any of the convenient methods:

Phone: +44 20 7582 4354 | E-mail:

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