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Earth’s Bounty – Autumn Winter 20/21 Colour Palette

18 August 2020
6 minutes read

The AW 2020/21 is more than ever filled with colours and interior design solutions! We're delighted to introduce you to Pepper Sq' upcoming season furniture collection. Time to get inspired, revamp your home and meet a cold snap in style!

You might have noticed how the surrounding colour atmosphere affects mood and feelings. Some spaces make feel anxiety and others, in contrast,  put your mind at ease. In fact, colour is a powerful communication tool that impacts us invisibly by causing certain emotions and impact our environmental perception.

Each colour has a particular meaning and a unique effect on our minds. In fact, there's a separated branch of psychology called colour psychology that studies hues as a determinant of human behaviour. By the way, Wassily Kandinsky was one of the first pioneers of the colour theory. Kandinsky believed the colours communicate unique qualities. Based on these findings, we discovered the meanings behind the most trendy AW 20/21 colours and created an inspirational furniture compilation. Let's take a look.

1. Tezzo Wool Rug £579 2. Horizon Pendant £179 3. Vivien Velvet King Size Bed £1399 4. Hugo Velvet 3-Seater Sofa £1499 5. Mayfair Wool Rug £629 6. Erte 2 Seater Velvet Sofa £1699 7. Trellis Throw £45 8. Herringbone 2 Cushions Set £50

Earthy Tones

Earthy tones usually bring a friendly, contemporary and inviting ambiance. They are a mixture of chocolate browns, tans, warm grey, greens, orange and red. It's one of the most satisfying colour group to work with because earthy hues come together so harmoniously. Nature-inspired colours draw inspiration from the outdoors and never fail to make an interior feel more homey.

1. Totem Marble-effect Ceramic Top Dining Table £2189 2. Versailles Four Door Sideboard £1279 3. Horizon Pendant £275 4. Versailles Cupboard £1199 5. Hips Lounge Chair £319 6. Aiko Jute Soumak Runner £129 7. Moli Bedside Table £289 8. Quatro Marble-Effect Ceramic Top Dining Table £2299 9. Antwerp Bentwood Cafe Chairs, 2 PCS £219 10. Ozzy Bedside Table £329

In terms of psychology, earthy tones are appealing and tend to be perceived as warm, reassuring, and settling colours. They also help to emulate some natural elements, like minerals, moss, trees and rocks, strengthening the human-nature connection.

1. Totem Marble-effect Ceramic Top Dining Table £2189 2. Madrid Dining Chair, 2PCS £499 3. Mayfair Wool Rug £129 4. Horizon Ceiling or Wall Lamp £319 5. Guzzo Wool Rug £419 6. Herringbone 2 Cushions Set £50 7. Nopp Dining Chair £249 8. Quatro Marble-Effect Ceramic Top Dining Table £2299 9. Björn Wool Wingback Armchair £819

Earthy tones can work in a variety of spaces. They're mostly seen in living, home office and bedroom areas in combination with natural and organic materials, such as wood and stone. You can add earthy tones through decorative elements, such as jute rugs, cushions and lighting. Warm and deep tones such as terracotta, beige and brown can also be brought via larger furniture items. Take a look at Logan Kingsize bed with Italian linen. Scandinavian inspired design brings authenticity  while natural wood base creates heaven for relaxation. Handmade Madrid Cane Dining chairs, being produced by traditional and unique bentwood craftsmanship technology, are elegant silhouettes and impressive shapes of  dining area. Highbury 2 Seater Sofa in Terracotta - elegant simplicity, small in size but large on style, perfect cozy addition to a small living space. If you're more into sated hues, check Versailles Cupboard Brown with clean lines and crafted detail with the use of oak marquetry. Beautiful oak wood complemented with marble-effect ceramic of Totem Dining Table brings a contemporary air to the dining space.

1. Madrid Cane Dining Chair, 2 PCS*£599 2. Horizon Pendant £275 3. Horizon Ceiling or Wall Lamp £275 4. Foret Trois Floor Lamp / Room Divider £1029 5. Tilde Loop Shelf £130 6. Highbury 2 Seater Sofa £1349 7. Hagen Folding Desk £699 8. Logan Linen Headboard Super King Size Bed £1449 9. Piet Wool Rug £309

Aqua Blue

Aqua blue is expected to be seen in many interior options:  design pieces, paint and textiles. Why is it getting so popular? In terms of psychology, the blue colour is always associated with the sky and sea. It also symbolise calmness, safety and stability.  Aqua blue will  fresh your living space, bringing the key association - the sea breeze which means you can keep the holiday vibes for a long time! You can use it in light, sunny spaces in order to slightly cool a room. For example, it's perfect for working and living areas. Aqua blue will bring a relaxing, meditative ambiance which is crucial for both parts of home. Feel free to combine that with pale blue shades or hints of grey, creating a cool and sophisticated vibes.

1. Horizon Pendant £275 2.Hugo Velvet 3-Seater Sofa *£1499 *3. Piet Wool Rug 4.Rowan Wall Lamp *£169 *5. Open Milano Shelves £729 6. Herringbone 2 Cushions Set £50 7. Versailles Cabinet £979 8. Bloomsbury Velvet Armchair & Footstool £959 9. Horizon Ceiling or Wall Lamp £319 10.Baltimore Sideboard £1019 11. Herringbone Jade Lambswool Throw £79

How to add aqua blue to your space? It's easier than you think! Pepper Sq' Hugo Velvet 3-Seater Sofa and Bloomsbury Velvet Armchair & Footstool in Turquoise will become a bright accent for a living room in Scandinavian style.  The interior can be accomplished by adding Baltimore Sideboard and Versailles Cabinet - a sophisticated, both modern and retro, storage solution. Find perfection in details? Bring fresh hints with Horizon Pendant in Topaz Blue, decorate your sofa or bed with softest herringbone Jade Lambswool Throw  and finalise with geometric Piet Wool Rug in contemporary tones. Voilà ! Here's an ideal Caribbean corner that will let you enjoy the summer vibes the whole year!

You can also go with such natural tones, as ivory, cream and sand. By  combining aqua blue with  dark green shades, you will add a luxe touch to your living space. Want to make contrast and accents? White will help you to highlight  decorative elements in blue hues, making the space more lively. Finally, the combination with bright shades of orange like copper or turquoise will add some dynamics and modern feel.

Yellow shades & Custard Cream

According to Kandinsky, yellow is the core instance of warm. Indeed, yellow brings vibes of positivity, sunshine, happiness and hope. Custard cream is so smooth, soft and calm and doesn't irritate a human eye. It brings elegant, sophisticated hints to home, making it more welcoming, cozier and intimate.

1. Horizon Pendant £275 2. Smykke Pendant £309 3. Lute Botanical Table Lamp £659 4. Rowan Wall Lamp £159 5. Trellis Cushion Set (2 pcs) £50 6. Trellis Throw £45 7. Tamara 3 Seater Velvet Sofa £1249 8. Tamara 3 Seater Velvet Sofa £1699 9. Nexi Wool Rug £1199

Bring a unique look to your living room with Tamara 3 Seater Velvet Sofa or Erte 3 Seater Linen Sofa! Its striking silhouette and minimalist details will become a beautiful yet stylish addition to a contemporary design. Handmade Nexi Wool Rug will fill the space with softness and coziness while its geometric pattern will complement the area with modern hints. The elegant shape of Horizon Pendant Lamp will provide with a perfect balance between the top and the bottom while soft as cachemire Trellis Cushion Set  will diversify room decorations.

Custard cream also harmoniously goes with brighter shades, like green, light purple, grey, royal and light blue hues. These combinations are commonly seen in bedroom, dining and living areas. It will perfectly match luxury minimal design spaces, like Scandi.


The pink colour is usually associated with romantic, sweet, feminine and tender ambiance. Don't forget it's also the biggest symbol of love! Based on that, it's a very positive colour that can bring harmony to your interior design.

1. Rowan Pendant £129 2. Smykke Pendant £309 3. Lute Botanical Table Lamp £659 4. Alex Linen Upholstery Emperor Size Bed £1299 5. Hugo 3-Seater Linen Sofa £1299 6. Hips Lounge Chair Upholstered £349 7. Hugo Linen Footstool £299 8. Scandi Wool Rug £719 9. Trellis Cushion Set (2 pcs) £50

Create a tender living area with an elegant, timeless mid-century modern style Hugo 3-Seater Linen Sofa made of Italian linen. Its gorgeous silhouette draws you to take a seat and enjoy your morning cup of coffee! Decorate it with Trellis Cushion Set as well as Trellis Throw and spend cozy evenings with beloved ones. A hand-tufted sophisticated Tatler Hand-tufted Wool Rug with geometric design will bright the bedroom or living room and make everyone to fall in love with your interior. Danish made and inspired by jewellery Smykke Pendant will be a perfect sparkly addition to any interior.

If you want to make a balanced and fresh room, combine pink with neutral lights like white, grey or black. Need contrast? Mix with yellow, green and blue - such combinations will complement each hue, adding positive, summer emotions to your home. Pink is a perfect colour for such interior design, as Mid-Century modern. It can add a few bright vintage vibes and make the room so stylish.

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