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Emperor Size Bed vs Super King vs California King | A Buying Guide

15 February 2024
8 minutes read

For those on a quest to find the ultimate night's sleep, selecting the right bed size can be pivotal.

Here's an in-depth look into three of the largest bed sizes: Emperor, Super King, and California King, equipping you with the knowledge to make the best choice tailored to your needs.

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What is a Super King Bed?

The Super King Bed is a popular choice in the UK, known for its spacious dimensions. Measuring 180cm x 200cm (6ft x 6ft 6in), this bed offers ample room for couples or anyone desiring more sleeping space.

Beyond its dimensions, its popularity stems from its ability to accommodate various bedding accessories and its suitability for larger bedrooms without overwhelming the space.

What is an Emperor Size Bed?

The Emperor Size Bed takes luxury to another level. With dimensions of 200cm x 200cm or 7ft x 7ft , it provides an even larger sleeping area.

Aptly named, the Emperor bed embodies regality and is perfect for those who value expansive sleeping quarters. Its size also allows for personalised sleeping arrangements, such as having customised mattresses or bedding tailored to individual preferences.

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Did you know? Emperor beds are referred to as such because they are often associated with royalty and grandeur, reflecting their regal size and luxurious appeal.

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What is a California King?

Venturing away from UK-centric bed sizes, the California King bed is a prevalent choice in the US. Its dimensions are 183cm x 213.5cm  or 6ft x 7ft, making it narrower but longer than the Super King.

This bed is ideal for taller individuals or those who desire a bit more legroom. Its unique size also offers a fresh stylistic element, differentiating it from other large bed options.

California King vs Super King vs Emperor Size Bed Comparison

When it comes to choosing a mattress and bed size, the Emperor, Super King, and California King are prominent contenders. Delving into their distinctions across various aspects will help you make an informed decision that is tailored to your own preferences and needs, as well as helping you to style a super cosy bedroom space. Let’s take a look:

Comfort by Design

Emperor Size Bed

A square dimension of 200cm x 200cm means an expansive, even space. It's ideal for those who might shift positions frequently in their sleep or couples desiring their personal space without any compromise.

Super King

Measuring 180cm x 200cm, it provides a lavish surface area conducive for a deep, uninterrupted sleep. It's particularly suited for those who prefer generous width.

California King

With its 183cm x 213.5cm dimension, the California King offers extended length. This makes it the top choice for taller individuals, ensuring their feet aren't dangling off the end.

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Size and Dimension

Emperor Size Bed

The epitome of space, its square layout means you’ll have a uniform surface area, making it stand out in grandeur as well as being super comfortable for those who sleep in it.

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Super King

Providing an ample balance between width and length, its dimensions work well in most larger bedrooms without making the space look congested.

California King

Unique in its design, it's slightly narrower but longer, catering to a distinct audience who value legroom.

Styling Your Sleep Space

Emperor Size Bed

Its regal name matches its presence. Suited for bedrooms with grand décor or those desiring a centrepiece bed. Its square shape provides a distinctive touch.

Super King

The Super King is a versatile size, making it appealing to many as it will work in a good range of spaces as well as decor style. Not to mention, being the smallest of these three mattress sizes, it can easily cope with a pair of bedside tables on either side.

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California King

A hint of American luxury, its elongated design gives a distinct flair. It's great for those looking for an international touch in their bedrooms.

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Budget Considerations

Emperor Size Bed

Given its size and exclusivity, Emperor beds tend to be on the pricier side. From the bed frame to the mattress, expect a higher cost but unparalleled luxury.

Super King

While still a significant investment, Super Kings are more standard in the UK, so prices might be more competitive compared to the Emperor.

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California King

Imported or specialised versions could lead to higher prices in the UK. However, for the niche audience, the investment is about unique comfort and style.

Bedding and Accessories

Emperor Size Bed

Given its distinct square dimensions, bedding might require more specific searches or custom orders, especially as this is not a commonly used size in the UK. Accessories like duvets and bedsheets would need to cater to its unique size.

Eva Emperor Size Ottoman Bed with Rattan Headboard
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Super King

This popular UK bed size often benefits from an abundance of bedding, frames, and accessory options available in local stores and online. From luxury silks to cotton blends, choices are vast, and you’ll be able to find something to suit most budgets from your local high street.

California King

This bed size might pose a slight challenge in the UK market for accessories. You might need to look at specialised stores, placing a custom order, or consider importing certain bedding elements.

Mobility and Installation

Emperor Size Bed

Given its expansive dimensions, moving and setting up an Emperor bed can be more challenging. It's essential to ensure doorways, staircases, or lifts can accommodate its size. It might also require professional installation.

Super King

It's a size down from the Emperor, but still requires planning when moving or setting up, however, it's more common bed size means movers might be more accustomed to handling it.

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California King

Its unique dimensions can be both an advantage and a challenge. While its width might be easier to manoeuvre than the Emperor, its length can pose issues in tight spaces.

Popularity and Resale Value

Emperor Size Bed

As a niche product, its resale market might be smaller, however, its exclusivity can command a higher price among the right audience.

Super King

With its widespread popularity in the UK, resale opportunities are more abundant. It maintains a good resale value, given its demand.

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California King

It's a mixed bag. While it might have a niche appeal, finding a buyer specifically seeking a California King in the UK could be challenging. However, for those who desire it, they might be willing to pay a premium.

Longevity and Durability

Emperor Size Bed

Given its premium positioning, many Emperor beds are constructed with high-quality materials, ensuring a longer lifespan, however, due to its size, wear and tear, especially in the middle section, can be a concern if not paired with a top-tier mattress.

Super King

A broader market means a broader range in quality. High-end Super King beds can last years with minimal issues, while budget options might have a shorter lifespan.

California King

Its rarity in the UK means those available are often of high quality. Proper care can ensure longevity, but replacement parts or repairs might be more challenging to source locally.

California King vs Super King vs Emperor Size Bed Pros & Cons

Super King

Ample space
Popular in the UK
Variety of accessories available

Might be large for some rooms
Standard for large UK beds

Emperor Size Bed

Utmost spaciousness Ample space
Luxurious feel
Square dimension offers even room

Requires larger room space
Might demand customised bedding

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California King

Extra length
Ideal for taller people
Unique style

Narrower width
Less popular in the UK

Frequently Asked Questions

What's bigger than a super king?

The Emperor Size Bed is bigger than the Super King in terms of width and square area.

What is the largest size bed in the UK?

The Emperor Size Bed holds the title for the largest standard bed size in the UK.

Is there a bigger bed than an emperor?

While the Emperor is the largest standard size, custom bed sizes can exceed these dimensions, tailored to individual requirements.

Is an emperor bed worth it?

Absolutely, for those valuing space and luxury, an Emperor bed offers an unparalleled sleeping experience.

What is the biggest bed you can buy?

Standardly, the Emperor ranks as one of the biggest. However, bespoke bed manufacturers can craft even larger custom beds upon request.

Wrapping up

Deciding between the Emperor Size Bed, Super King, and California King can be a tough decision, given the luxury and space each offers. In the UK, the Super King is a prevalent choice, particularly as bedding mattresses, and frames are more easily accessible in this size, but the Emperor holds the crown for sheer size.

Meanwhile, the California King provides a unique dimension, particularly catering to taller individuals. Making an informed decision means weighing factors like comfort, size, style, and budget. No matter the choice, one thing is for sure: prioritising sleep quality will undoubtedly improve your overall wellbeing!
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