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How to maximise the space in a small studio apartment

07 April 2022
5 minutes read

Modern day living can be pricey and high maintenance, that's why a many have moved towards compact smaller living in studio or one bedroom apartments.  Whether you are moving into a studio flat or what to re-arrange small room we have compiled a list of tips and things to consider when designing a small living space.

Minimal living is one the hottest environmental awareness trends that has already convinced thousands of people to reconsider their use of everyday objects in favour of fewer only the most important household items, which is easy to do with clever interior design inventions that can easily transform to serve multiple functions without compromising the space.

Here are a few tips how to optimize your living space and make you feel like you have more room – even if you don't.

In order to comfortably exist in a small place you only need a few good quality versatile furniture objects and appliances that cater to all your needs without clattering the space.

Tip 1 : Section it off

All places have to serve specific functions, so the first tip is to create a floor plan that sections off the space according to your needs with a clear purpose of each area. Consider your lifestyle, habits and hobbies when deciding.

For instance, do you need a fully-equipped kitchen because you enjoy sharing home-cooked meals with friends and family or is it more important to have some free space for a yoga matt instead of a big dining table? Prioritising what's of the most importance in your life will guarantee the frequent use of all areas in your home.

Designed by @Pepper Sq. Team.  Small studio interior "A little design heaven".

Tip 2: Use colour to differentiate each space.

Colour has a way of setting the mood, so it can be a great idea to create a brighter accenting spot in the living room, while opting for more muted and neutral tones in the bedroom. If you are living in a studio space, this trick will concentrate the main focus on the living space, leaving the the more intimate sleeping area less visible.

Colour coding the flat will map an obvious distinction of the areas, creating an illusion of separate rooms without the walls.

Bright and colourful design accents like cushions or ceramic pieces will add dimension and a personal touch to the space.  Keep only the most precious and nostalgic items that have meaning, turning them into conversation pieces when guests are over. That way you will fill your home with memories but will not clutter it at the same time.

Designed by @Pepper Sq. Team.  Small studio interior "Twiggy".

Tip 3: Off white or neutral base

If you paint walls in off white or a light pastel colour, it would create a calming atmosphere and make the furniture and accessories stand out.

It is better to avoid the use of bright white colour and opt for more neutral shades as white can accentuate the harsh lighting and create associations with a hospital or an office. Definitely not the relaxing vibe that you look for in a home.

Tip 4: Choose furniture that serves multiple purposes

When living in a small flat, it is very important to consider the use of the space wisely. Every furniture item's purpose has to be justified and every seemingly empty or unused area can be used as storage or a place to hide unwanted maintenance bits, like cable wires or cleaning supplies, that distort the visual look of the space.

This is where transforming tables comes in handy. Have you ever heard of a table that doubles as a bed or a desk that becomes a cabinet?  The world of interior design has come very far with its versatile multifunctional inventions, so there is definitely something out there for everyone.

Fusion Transforming Bed to Table

It's almost impossible to predict from the first glance at the picture above, but the cosy double bed becomes a sturdy and stylish dining table in just a few seconds! It's a perfect investment furniture piece when you don't want to compromise having a dining area in the small apartment settings.

Do you dream of having a dinner party but feel you do not have the space?

It's a great idea to opt for extendable table , a budget solution like the compact Eliot oval extending dining table or Ribot extendable table - peninsula  with marble effect top - if your budget . That way you won't compromise the space but will not forgo the option of inviting friends over, having plenty of space to seat everyone at your dining table.

Transforming tables are one of the most convenient and useful space savers that you can get. They hide away inconspicuously as a coffee table in your living room and transform into full dinner tables at will. Our innovative convertible coffee to dining tables have easily adjustable heights and transform into dining tables to maximize both the space and style of your interior. Typically mobile, with built in wheels, this style of table is multi functional in every way. An adjustable height transforming coffee tables like the Levante transforming coffee to dining table can be a one of the best options to consider.

To implement a home office in a studio flat, a fold away desk like Hagen or fold up desk like Fraser gives you a possibility to save precious space and even chance your perception of the room creating a sense of accomplishment when folded at the end of a working day, while sending your brain the signal to unwind and let go of all work-related thoughts. Alternative solution can be folding console table like Flap.

Tip 5: Display artwork above eye level

Little details matter, so even the way you place small accessories can change the look of the room. Hang a gallery wall of paintings or your favourite framed photos as high as possible to give the illusion of a tall ceiling. That way the small space won't seem so clattered and will have a more airy flow.

Designed by @Pepper Sq. Team.  Small studio interior "A little design heaven".

Tip 6: Always edit

Small spaces tend to become untidy fairly quickly, so it's important not to clutter the place, especially since misplaced items stick out like a sore thumb in confined premises. Make sure to be reasonable with your purchases and create a rule of always giving away something old when a new item takes its place.

Designed by @Pepper Sq. Team.  Small studio interior "A little design heaven".

We hope that we have inspired you to decorate your small flat in a conscious way or maybe even made you question the need of all the times you own, resulting in a refreshing spring clean.

For more space saving ideas visit our website or contact our design team at

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