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Hybrid Living Space. Interior Design Competition at Pepper Sq.

31 July 2020
8 minutes read

The Hybrid Living Space competition is in full swing and we're glad we have a great opportunity to meet such talented and creative professionals.

Each interior design project we received is unique and extraordinary.  Huge variety of styles, colour palettes and furniture selected.  Thank you to all participants for courage, beautifully crafted boards and inspiration!  Such a beautiful work that will help our customers to created a perfect living space!

We're delighted to introduce all projects and talented designers to our readers and share creative ideas behind each project.

#Manuel Urbina

Manuel Urbina Studio is a London based architecture and design studio founded in 2018.

Instagram: @manuelurbinastudio

The studio’s work is driven by meticulous attention to the concept and details of every project. From our beginnings in architecture, our passion for design led us to expand our offer to brand identity.

With a focus on refining design solutions to appreciate and consider the bigger picture for much broader ideas about how we live, make a living and what we value.

Manuel completed his masters degree in Architecture at the University of Westminster with first class honours. Architecture has been Manuel's passion since a young age and he endeavours to create designs that are based entirely on experiences. He believes that the aesthetics and details of a space impacts the quality of life of the people who regularly spend time there. We tend to live and work indoors and therefore architecture can profoundly affect and influence our lives.

Hybrid Living Space

"Our inspiration came from Scandinavian minimal living."

The approach was to include the chosen products from our Pepper Sq moodboard into an interior visual specifically designed for this competition to get a feel of atmosphere and layout.

  1. Voronoi III LED, Transparent £300; 2. Dessa Dining Table 200cm £2299; 3. Tamara 3 Seater Velvet Sofa £1249; 4. Cranmer Pendant Lamp, one sphere £349; 5. Tuscan Wool Rug 200x300cm £789; 6. Hips Chair £219; 7. Versailles Coffee Table £319

#Fateha Sh Naveed

Fateha is an Interior Architect based in Folkestone and currently working as a freelancer. She did her master's degree from Uhasselt University  in Belgium with specialisation in residential and furniture design.

Instagram: @fateha_x

The interior design project named "Homey Spot" is a warm, cozy living area where you have the feeling of home, but where you are still able to work as well.

The extendable table at the big window gives you enough space and light for a good focus whereas the sitting area is a place to relax, and find rest. The neutral earth colors make the interior very calm. The golden details give an elegant and luxurious feeling. A touch of color is added by the pink furniture pieces.

1. Annular LED Pendant, D32 cm £179; 2. Verona Extending Dining Table, Ceramic Top £1519;3. Layla Ottoman, Blush Pink £109; 4. Carmen Armchair, Blush Pink £459; 5. Teorema Extendable Table £1459

The design combines hints of minimalism and modern, focusing on tender home accessories that makes the style so light and sophisticated.

Jasmine Germaine

Jasmine Germaine isa creative and illustrator from London  and now a student at UAL for Interior design. She prepared three mood boards that are inspired by calmness and elegant modern.

Instagram: @jasmine_germaine_london

The first sample board is named 'Fresh and Woody'. This represents the feel and pieces Jasmine has chosen for this room. The room has a calm, natural woody ambience that is peaceful and pleasing to the eye. The colours and textures complement one another creating the perfect space for hybrid living.

  1. Hagen Folding Desk £594; 2. Annular LED Pendant, D32 cm £299; 3. Polar 2-Seater Wool Sofa, Pink £899; 4. Boule 3 Table Lamp, Natural £389; 5. Elevate Shelving System 1, Beige £545

The second sample board named 'Light and Fresh' is similar to board one with a few more pieces. It's calming, inviting and a space that one wouldn't get tired of living in.

The tones and textures are refreshing, the colors not overpowering which makes it a very pleasant space to spend a vast amount of time in. Key pieces in the room are the coffee table that transforms into a dining table, along with the beautiful black window mirror which gives the illusion of depth. The floating desk provides an additional working space that doesn't take up too much room and very light in appearance.

  1. Eivissa Round Jute Rug 160x160cm , Charcoal £139; 2. Pump Table Lamp, Transparent £209; 3. Polar 2-Seater Wool Sofa, Pink £899; 4. Conservatory Window Mirror, Tall £419; 5. Fraser Floating Desk £296; 6. Madrid Cane Dining Chair, Honey £599

Finally, the third mood board is ' Modern Chic'.

This room has an elegant yet understated feel, it is modern yet still classic. The stunning velvet sofa is beautifully complimented by each individual piece on the mood board. In this space, you would feel a sense of sophistication and tranquility in both the decor and subtle glow from the chosen lighting.

  1. Tamara 3 Seater Velvet Sofa, Orange £1249; 2. Ulla Transforming Coffee to Dining Table 120cm £1095; 3. Gewy Wool Rug, 120x170cm, Pink £709; 4. Royce Pendant Lamp £413; 5. Sumo Globe Floor Lamp £359; 6. Corbett Marble Table Lamp, Green £254; 7. Pump Table Lamp £209; 8. French Classic Dining Chair £249

Arij Alkhabbaz

Arij Alkhabbaz is passionate towards art, interior design and architecture. She created a mood board named 'Spice and Romance'.

When natural tones meet exciting colors we can have a living/ dining area filled with both energetic and tranquil vibes. The resulted ambiance will depend on the interaction of colors with light.  At day time the natural light will bring positive smooth energy to the space and set our mood for an exciting start. At night time the focused lighting scheme will highlight certain textures and pieces and fill the space with serenity.  You will feel that you belong to your space 24h/day.

Instagram: @artofgivin

  1. Anders Five Light Pendant Lamp £679; 2. Blade Ceramic Top Dining Table £2189; 3. Madrid Cane Back and Upholstered Seat £499; 4. Erte 3 Seater Linen Sofa £1849; 5. Malibu Console Table £509; 6. Fabriano Rug £259

Prity Arora

"My passion, all my life, has been one of Design and Colour, whether it be in designing buildings, bridges or Interior Design", says Prity. She qualified as a Civil Engineer and worked on few interior designing projects parallely working for IT corporates.

After years , she found herself taking this passion as full time with studying Interior Designing from from Chelsea College of Arts, London. It was a  great realisation that there was no getting away from creativity with loving every minute of it.

She works on both Residential and Commercial projects, from one off consultations to project management of full turn-key projects. Prity also provides Vastu advice, the science of Vastu adds value to one’s life and brings in peace and prosperity.

Behind every Vastu tip is a deep scientific reason and hence it becomes more plausible to follow. With a passion to create timeless, high quality interior solutions for the client Prity works to transform spaces with bespoke, creative designs . Functionality is key so time is taken to understand the client’s needs and requirements to maximise the space and business potential.

Prity created 'Cozy Hybrid Nest' mood board. "This new global pandemic has confined us in our homes which reminds us of what needs to be done in your home. It’s now imperative to redesign your living spaces to suit hybrid working that provides a well balanced work -home life", she says.

Most of our living rooms are combined with the kitchen, forming a single open space, as this is the area where a modern family spends most of their time at home: dining, watching movies and just talking. The present times have brought another important activity into this space which is working.  It’s important for it to be well-designed and have the right color.

Living room color scheme ideas help you to add congenial shades into your space that gives a feelings of calm. From enticing wall colors to eye-catching furnishings this living room color scheme will take your space to your next level. A space with a great contrast will always look astonishing .In this classy and dark living room in emerald green and navy blue, leave the golden details to really stand out in the room. If you’re looking for a siren of a sofa that begs you to sit in it, then we suggest you be brave and plump for pretty pink sofa by Pepper Sq.

  1. Metallic Wallpaper : £60-80 ; 2. Mirror Mandalay £204.85; 3. Sumo globe Floor Lamp Brass £359 ; 4. Tamara 3 seator Velvet sofa £1249 ; 5. Venice Dining Chair (Dining) £249 ; 6. Lava Chair (Dining) £215; 7. Totam Marble-effect Ceramic top Dining table £1979 ; 8. Industrial Dining Chair £119.95; 9. Fraser floating desk £296; 10. Abstract Horizon £ 24.95 ; 11. Coloured District Cluster Pendant

This pink hue will draw you in and encourage you to sit and relax – no excuses!. Make this space even more fabulous with a dreamy golden floor lamp and statement art pieces or framed pictures. You might think it’s a little dark to put on the walls, but soothing green is as calming as it is strong, and is able to make a gentle statement in any living room.

The denim blue in the dining is a very universal shade and is great for interior design. It is not as dark as navy blue or light as royal blue – it appears to be a classic true blue, which is a timeless and enduring blue hue, elegant in its simplicity. This color will look fabulous both on walls and accessories. White marble effect dining, light blue and military green stand beautifully out on the dark background. Colourful pendant hanging lights and the abstract painting takes this area to another notch up. Floating desks are perfect for even the smallest spots in your home. This sleek mid-century modern–inspired floating desk is chic, understated, and spacious—perfect for a small home office.

Ombeline Pittet

"Space influences us in many ways. With most of our lives spent indoors, it shapes our emotions and can make us feel comfortable, creative or cheerful. There is a strong link between architecture and human psychology and my approach is centered on this connection: through human behavior within a space I aim to deliver positive emotions and create good memories", says Ombeline.

Surprise is a very powerful emotion, therefore Ombeline seeks to offer an attractive, refined but also eclectic interior design, giving it an unforgettable flair. Customers also need the space to be uniquely fitted in their own image, where they can feel at home.

As a recent graduate from Autograf school in Paris, Ombeline has completed a Master's degree in Interior Design with Honors. Ombeline has worked on several focusing on the interaction between people and the spaces they inhabit.

Ombeline Pittet  created 'A Calming Natural Relaxing Environment' - a place where you spend most of your time has to be a place where you feel good. For this mood board the inspiration is based on the soothing, reassuring and inspiring features of nature.

When introduced into a hybrid living space, these features create a sense of well-being that fosters conviviality, inspiration and higher productivity. The use of colors helps separate the different functions without fully isolating them.

Instagram: @op_interior_design

1.Fraser Floating Desk £296; 2.Tilde Loop Shelf £111; 3.Wallace Cane Seat Dining Chair £339; 4.Horizon Pendant Lamp £179; 5.Hagen Folding Desk £594

I hope you enjoy all designs as we are!?  Got inspired ? Support your favourite designer and vote for your favorite interior design concept #Hybrid Living Space  @peppersqcom.

The last day of voting is the 3rd of August.

Looking for a help with your home renovation - get in touch with your favourite designer to create your perfect home!

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