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Simple 1.0 living room designed in collaboration with Ollie & Seb's Haus.

04 September 2019
4 minutes read

For our next ready to buy interior we have challenged Deborah Gordon, the genius behind "Ollie & Seb's Haus" blog to create her perfect living room with her favourite items from Pepper Sq collection.

Deborah Gordon - interior stylist and blogger, creator of "Ollie & Seb's Haus"

Deborah Gordon is the author of Ollie & Sebs Haus which she created several years ago to share design ideas and inspiration, mainly drawn to Scandinavian paired back interiors.  She is always seeking calm and creating a simple interior at home as her day to day life is busy with two young boys Oliver and Sebastian.  Her passion is to create beautiful images through her styling and photography which she does alongside her blog as a freelancer. As well as interiors she loves to travel which you will occasionally find snippets of on the Ollie & Sebs Haus.

The idea was to create a room that is simple yet powerful and contemporary with a lot of natural wood, linen and marble.

"My mini concept for the brief is to create a space using Pepper Sq products, creating a warm yet calming living room space. My style for this Living room would very much keep in with my Nordic style and I want these pieces to sit well in a clean modern interior home. With the use of keys pieces of furniture and unique lighting I believe the space will be inviting to anyone."  - says Deborah.

To keep it simple yet sophisticated Deborah proposed to stick to the 4 main elements:


A generous amount of natural wood accents is placed throughout the room from the Array High board and the shelving unit to display and store treasures that you love in your home.


Brass is introduced into the space to bring some interest –this will be created through the lights and some seating in a wood material.


Lighting plays a big part in any room. Deborah believes (and we agree) that you can never have too much lighting in a room especially a living room. Nooks in the space to read and table lighting displayed on shelving and units are a perfect for mood setting and accessorising.


Big curtains are added to create a feeling of comfort in the living space. Neutral in tone to go with the rest of the feeling of the space.

Here is what the process looked like from Deborah's point of view:

"It started with presenting a visual board of how I envisioned the room to look. This is something I strongly advise - even when I am transforming a room in my own home I pull together looks I love from my Pinterest boards and Instagram.  Even cuttings from magazines are helpful.  Gathering this information is key, it really inspires the overall look of the room".

Below are several pieces chosen by Deborah to be incorporated into the living space.

Array Highboard, Beige £1179 - Geometric shape and horizontal slats, Array Cabinet creates a strong visual effect from catching both light and shadow in the depth of the slates. The sleek legs lift the side boards from the ground creating an elegant contrast between the solid wooden cabinet on top and the thin metal construction underneath. Danish design.

Patron Wall Light, Brass £259 - The Patron wall light is a striking addition to any home. Works either as a statement piece or in pairs. Sets a lovely tone of light, ideal for a living room.

Elevate Shelving System, Beige £879 - Elevate is a versatile and modular shelving system. With different shelves and dowels, Elevate can be assembled without the use of tools. With its simplicity and versability, Elevate is suitable for both personal and professional spaces. Use it for boxes, office supplies, works of art or plants.

There are no words to express how happy we are with how the room turned out. The room created in collaboration with Deborah got named "Simple 1.0". Wood, brass, light and fabrics separately are all very simple elements, but put together with a touch of a Nordic style and minimalism you get the room you would hardly want to leave.

The walls are finished in a soft lime wash grey which elevates the softwood of the Array unit and linen Hoxton Sofa. The draping curtains are something that I dream of creating in my own living room and with a few tweaks the furniture all fits perfectly.

As for artwork, we have picked some of our favourite pieces that are simple yet elegant, therefor perfectly suiting our interior. The two pieces behind the sofa are by Frédéric Forest.

Simple 1.0

You can get the whole look for £6732 or pick and choose your favourite pieces. If you decide to buy the entire look you can see your savings at our smart "Look Calculator". The more you buy the better price you get.

Special thanks to Deborah for such a beautiful room concept and amazing partnership.

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