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Simplicity with Attitude. The Future Living Home concept.

11 March 2020
5 minutes read

So what is the concept of ideal future home? We team up with Simone Gordon and Sophie Van Winden from Owl Design to explore that and discover what the latests trends in modern interiors.

The Future Living Home Concept

We live a fussy, stressful routine and the home is supposed to become a place where we could finally feel secure and calm. The future home will be a sacred place, almost a private paradise amongst the chaos of everyday life.

"The Future Living Home is a modular home designed around slowing living, sustainability and simple pleasures. It focuses on the home being a harmonious sanctuary to escape to. The overall feel is calm, pared-back, warm minimalism with a lived-in thoughtful feel."

Sustainable Furniture made from FSC certified OAK:  Hagen Folding Desk £699

"If the Future Living Home was a person it would be someone who cares about the environment and the impact they personally have on it. He has a busy life but wants to create a sanctuary at home to escape to, one that is organised and well-designed but still considerate of the world around them. He recycles what waste he produces, grows his own vegetables and buys from refill stations where they can to cut down on unnecessary plastic packaging”, says Simone.

A few interior design trends laid a foundation for the Future Living Home.

Reconnection with Nature

The future home will restore the connection with nature. It is particularly essential for the modern lifestyle because people have busy full of stress lives in the jungle of concrete and home design can influence our physical and mental wellbeing, so it can relieve our anxiety after the hard long day at work.

'The future home focuses on recycled and long-use natural materials, organic shapes, and natural tones. It’s all about materials with sustainability in mind — natural wood, recycled textiles, natural yarns, and plush soft fabrics, along with warm terra-cotta and ceramics. '

                        Pepper Sq : Ready-to-buy living room interior Simple 1.0

Not only does this look great is better on the environment and creates a calm space for better mental well being.

Japanese influence

As Walt Whitman used to say, “Simplicity is the glory of expression.” Indeed, simple design tend to be more aesthetically pleasing. Apart from that, simplicity is more accessible and it helps us get things done faster, more easily, and more efficiently, which is essential for today’s rhythm of life.

Japanese style is becoming a new highly demanded trend, which is featured by angular furnishings, clean lines, surfaces and decoration with traditional plants, such as sakura, bonsai and bamboo. As a result, there is a tendency for Japandi, which combines both Scandinavian and Japanese styles, focusing on  purity and harmony.

1. O&O Standing Clothes Rack, Large + Small £279 + £299; 2. Array Highboard £1779; 3. Bois Table Lamp £599; 4. Nopp Barstool £349; 5. Nopp Dining Chairs £239; 6. Eivissa Round Jute Rug £139; 7. Piezas Dining Table 140cm £1299; 8. Piezas Square Dining Table 85cm £1079; 11. Array Sideboard £1399.


There is significant increase of interest in geometry and minimalistic movement last years. In fact, these trends will keep developing, transforming into unique design variations. Why are they so beloved?

It spices living space up, meanwhile creating an order. As geometrical details could be used rugs, lighting, wallpaper designs and even a shape of furniture. The right combination of geometrical objects can create a lively modern style of your home.

We asked Owl design to give some tips, which could help to make living space more leaning to the concept:

Remove clutter – make sure everything you own has its own space. If it isn’t either useful or you love it get rid of it.

Keep it natural – avoid synthetic materials. Wood, metal, stone, cork, linen and cotton not only look great together but are kinder on the environment.

Warm minimalism – сhoose furniture with clean lines but soften with accessories with natural curves such as hand-blown glass vase, wool throws and organic shaped ceramics.

Reflecting a desire for a deeper connection with the world around us,  we  have introduced our nature inspired furniture collection Simplicity with Attitude .

The Pepper Sq's  furniture collection which will be showcased in the Future Living Home: Lucien Dining Chair 2 pieces £449; 2. Hagen Desk £699; 3. Antwerp Bentwood Chair 2 pieces £269; 4. Madrid Dining Chair 2 pieces £499; 5. Janson Wide Armchair £789

About Owl Design

Owl Design is a interior design studio which offers a unique variety of interior design services, from residential to commercial concepts, reflecting clients’ personalities. Owl Design has a unique eclectic, happy and positive design style, which is being brightly expressed in their projects, adding freshness and individuality.

Owl Design Team: Sophie Van Winden (on the left) and Simone Gordon (on the right)

Simone and Sophie believe that travel is pivotal for inspiration, “everywhere we go inspires us from Jamaica to Morocco to Spain (which we both frequent a lot), colours of nature, historical houses and museums – especially the V&A”, says Simone. In fact, it is essential to be creative in the interior design area because today we can call it a piece of art.

Design : Owl Design Studio. Discover other projects here 

Interior design is a wide field for the implementation of the most daring ideas in life, without hesitation of self-expression.

From Owl Design's perspective, “there are so many different styles of furniture out there from vintage design classics to super lux styles, so home owners can really pick and choose items which reflect their personality. Putting those individual pieces together along with arranging the layout and scheme of a room is like composing a painting, as you have to take form, colour, light into consideration”.

Design : Owl Design Studio. Discover other projects here 

We find the partnership with Owl Design on the Future Living Home project particularly important because together we could make the world happier and better. Home is an incredibly important place in our life and also a place for self-realization. Don't be afraid to be unique and create your own art!

Thank you, Owl Design team, for the collaboration and an amazing opportunity to showcase our furniture in the Future Living Home.

Don't miss a chance to meet our team and see our  at the Ideal Home Show on the 27th of March - 13th of April.

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