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Clever ways to light up your home.

27 August 2020
4 minutes read

As the clocks go back and darkness descends so much earlier, we thought we’d look at ways to make your home feel lighter and brighter.

Zone your lighting

Almost all rooms have a pendant light hanging from the ceiling, but this alone can sometimes look a little stark. Instead, it’s best to have a few light sources that serve different purposes, using table lamps, floor lamps and wall lights to create golden glows in pockets around the room.

Wall lights are particularly good for ambient light – illumination that creates a wash of light around a room – whereas lamps are great for task lighting – for example, for reading or working.

Orb Wall Light will become a beautifully simple lighting addition to the space. A spherical white opal lampshade and black metal structure will add sophisticated modern hints to your room. Horizon collection in a mouth-blown glass shade with a brass metal will spread the light smoothly without dazzling front plate. The diversity of colour shades allows bringing the lamp to any interior.

Cooper Gold Floor Lamp can spice up your interiors with retro-vintage vibes. If you're keen on modern designs - Sumo Globe Floor Lamp is a perfect choice. Sumo chrome metal floor lamp has a minimalist, modern design... a modern take on a classic, with adjustable positioning of the spherical head.

Bronsgrove Ceiling Light, one sphere, White - £269

Fake it with colour

The sun may not be shining but you can still brighten up your space with some zingy colours. Natural light is highly desirable light in a home, simply because it makes everything look appealing.

Daylighting keeps us in touch with the outdoors and time of day. Moreover, the recent studies represent that people who work in natural light are more productive. It's especially essential for a home office spot.

So, pale tones will certainly make an area feel lighter, but they can feel chilly in autumn and winter, so try using rich, vibrant shades like gold, orange and turquoise to pep up a space.

Cranmer Opal Globe Table Lamp, Brass - £399; Patron Gold Disc Wall Light £299

It’s important to simulate natural lighting and this is one of the best ways to do this! For example,  Amber LED Table Lamp in gold, Rae Opal Glass Table Lamp with an organic form as well as classic banker's desk lamp Lola Green Gold Table Lamp will also provide with a decorative retro vintage appeal.

If you're looking for modernity, Bobbi Table Lamp will be ideal for lighting of modern work spaces. Beautiful, chrome-plated metal Wilson Table Lamp can also become a fresh hint to the home office spot with its yellow or red lampshade.

Amber LED Table Lamp, Matt Brass £249

Use the mirror trick

A few well-placed mirrors can bounce light around a room and make it appear bigger, brighter and more airy. Place a full length mirror, like Moli Floor Standing LED Mirror or Melody Rectangular Mirror directly opposite a window to double your daylight in one hit.

It can easily lighten the room, plus make it seem larger. Smaller mirrors, like Trio Hexagonal Mirrors or Sabrina Round Faceted Wall Mirror can be set over mantels, or hung on the wall like pictures, to throw back smaller amounts of light. Check our Silent Night ready to buy living room as a great source of inspiration.

Shop the Room. Ready-to-buy dining room "Silent Night". Total Budget - £4,154 Designed by Pepper Sq. interior design team

Bring in some shiny surfaces

Much like mirrors, shimmering finishes and polished metal surfaces can reflect light and give a room a boost. Try a metallic wallpaper on walls, glossy lacquered side tables, glass-topped coffee tables or shiny brass or silver-toned light fittings.

For example, Cosmos Glass Top Rectangle Table will create a focal point in your interior. Its glass surface will also reflect the light and fill the room with natural illumination. See Cosmos Glass Top Rectangle Table in our ready to buy Sweet Hay dining room.

Shop the Room. Ready-to-buy dining room "Sweet Hay". Total Budget - £4,574 Designed by Pepper Sq. interior design team

Swap your bulbs

The quickest and easiest way to bring in extra light? Swap your bulbs for ones with a higher light output – measured in lumens. The warm, yellowy light from some bulbs is cosy for this time of year, but if you really want to go bright, look for bulbs that give a whiter, bluer light.

Use Spotlights

You can also use accent lighting to highlight features in your space. This could be a directional spotlight on a favourite artwork or a floor light behind a large, architectural plant to give a sense of drama.  Minimalist Deco or Zeb wall lamps will become sophisticated yet simple lighting solutions for pinpoint lighting.

Deco Gold Spotlight Wall Lamp, Matt Brass, £249

Keep it simple and consistent

Keep the colour scheme and material finishes consistent throughout the home, especially when it comes to lighting. Too many different styles throughout the home can be irritating for the eye and might cause uneasiness and even anxiety. Neutral, lighter tones will open up a space and make it appear larger, statement pops of colour will add interest.

For example, Cranmer Pendant Lamp will fill the space with enough illumination and additionally will reminiscent of vintage lighting in grand European cafes. Meanwhile darker hues, like Remy Table Lamp or Flora Table Lamp will add a touch of luxury and cosiness.

Remy Table Lamp Matt Brass Shade, Matt Brass £359

Explore lighting collection on our website and bright up your home with beautiful table or floor ambience lamp.  

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